Mostly our professional workshops are part of our business conference events, but occasionally we host them independently as well. Put succinctly, our workshops aim to bring together industry professionals for a truly intensive, interactive environment where no stone is left unturned in terms of addressing specific industry challenges and ways to surmount them. It is a program dedicated to developing a keen and thorough understanding of a particular industry topic, and toward that end we represent some of the most prominent, globally acclaimed workshop leaders able to facilitate that understanding.



Thinklinkers strives to be the leading and most forward-thinking industry information research company, able to predict and leverage the industry-specific insight required for industry professionals to make the most informed and business decisions. The aim of our business conferences is, then, to empower business leaders - CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, CFOs, CTOs as well as senior directors and managers - with the latest business insight, effectually keeping them ahead of the game. If a specific industry is looking to reinvent itself or address a particular challenge or innovation, we are the vanguard of the information to make that happen.​


As workshop and content producers, we deal with a great amount of information and ideas. Some of this can only be experienced by being part of our events and appreciate how debates and interaction give new meaning to ideas.

At the same time, we try to capture the best we can the opinions of the most memorable thought leaders and partners and create videos, photos, interviews and articles. 

Our collaboration with you doesn't end after 2 days at the conference, instead we make sure that as a partner, speaker or participant, our collaboration leaves an impression for the years to come.



There is a three-fold premise to our business events: one, we strive to deliver the latest and most thorough research on the particular topics the event is addressing, as well as inviting globally renowned industry leaders to present at the event. Second, our events assume an interactive and meaningful environment that is inclusive to open discussion and interactive discourse, maximizing the educational value. Third, our business events are attended by heavyweight business professionals with senior titles, meaning that whether you attend for educational purposes or to leverage your or your company's solutions at the event, the possibility for professional networking is superb. Put succinctly, our business events are your link to the best professional networking.


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