ThinkLinkers was originally established by a young and dynamic team of networking professionals with extensive experience with organizing key professional events for business leaders.


The company was founded for the simple reason that we not only felt we could do it better than our competitors, but also because we felt there was something fundamentally lacking in the way business networking is conducted today.


That flaw, we believe, is that lack of a holistic approach that accounts for ALL elements that comprise successful networking: extensive market research, up-to-date trends and topics, qualified audience, perfect venues and the best possible professional networking and interactive experience.


We understand your investment; therefore we understand that YOU should be the center of the event. Thanks to our format, extensive networking sessions and limited access, each and every one of you is an active element of the event instead of a mere spectator.


Our motto "Linking Knowledge to Success" reflects our mission to connect ideas, provoking thoughts, case studies, tools and solutions in such way that you can use them concretely in your organisation. Thanks to our format tailored around you, you'll be able to learn, network, ask questions and truly interact with peers.


We chose to do things without cutting corners, aiming instead for excellence. Whether it's our program, our venue, our audience or our format, we strive for perfection. We could run many more events on trendy topics that an event production company could never master, but we chose instead to specialise and become experts on fewer, relevant topics that reflect concrete needs of the corporate world. Think of us as a tailor of events rather than a fast consumer store, aiming to deliver an offer that fits you like a bespoke product.


As an event production company we must be very good listeners and customer centric. Our meticulous research includes speaking to the most influential thought leaders for a given theme to understand the key topics of today and tomorrow. Moreover, we listen to what our clients would like to hear next, and we tailor our program accordingly. The result is a program that reflects what the industry wants today and what they will be looking for tomorrow. In short, it is relevant.


We firmly believe that what makes an event memorable are the amazing people that participate in it. We give to the warm human element that is typical of face-to-face interaction a central role in today's business world. Because behind knowledge, ideas, technology and tools, there's people, and we work extra hard to enable superior networking and interaction between participants, leaving a memory of meeting with other amazing professionals and people, favouring relations for the years to come.


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